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I will sing you to me

I’ve always been shy about my singing abilities… growing up with an eldest sister who is an opera trained singer and a musical family in general… I never really felt that secure to share my voice. Riley is probably one of the few friends (if any others at all) who has heard me sing, and she says I have a gorgeous voice that I shouldn’t hide… but singing to me makes me vulnerable because when I sing my soul pores out of me… Until really this past year, I tried to hide all my vulnerability… now that I have torn that wall down though and all my friends realize how vulnerable and insecure of a person I am you would think I would be able to sing more with them around… but I still find that I cannot.

But anyway… I was watching the movie Australia the other evening and Nullah’s aboriginal phrase “I sing you to me” which he tells “Mrs. Boss” when he is taken away to live in the missions and then when he goes on his walkabout… really struck me. Especially when Mrs. Boss (Nichole Kidman) replies back “And I will hear you my darling.”

Maybe I should be singing more…

I keep having very personal songs pop in my head…a lot about God’s love… maybe in order to get closer to God I need to “sing Him to me” so that He can hear me and find me.

Maybe I need to embrace my voice, so that I can be found by the one who has spoken for me and loves me for always.

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My Current Playlist

I find that when I can’t express myself, music and its lyrics can convey more than I ever could in words. At least these songs prove I’m not alone in the sense I’m not the only one who has ever felt this way. My heart hurts…

(1) Gravity- Sara Braeilles
(2) Almost Lover- A Fine Frenzy
(3) White Horse- Taylor Swift
(4) Wish You Were- Kat Voegele
(5) Jar of Hearts- Christina Perri
(6) Somebody That I use to Know- Goyte
(7) Possibility- Lykke Li
(8) Honestly- Kelly Clarkson
(9) Keep Breathing- Ingrid Michaelson
(10) Need You Now- Lady Antebellum
(11) Nicest Thing- Kate Nash

I know I have posted several of these songs before but they have currently been defining my life for a while.

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How does Pandora know what kind of mood I’m in? lol

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The soul speaks through Music…

I wanted to be his princess. I still do… I still love him… but we are not good for each other. He is not good for me… and I am not good for him. Why is it so hard to let go? I really thought he was my knight in shining armor. My hero.

But I think we both had an idea of who the other person was and didn’t actually know each other (I mean he is a very conservative republican… and well I’m pretty liberal… and I can’t change that). We both just wanted to be wanted and loved so badly.

My heart hurts so bad I can’t breathe…

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