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Changed Life

Well guys… its been almost a month… it has been only 15 day though since I’ve started my new life… and my life is soooo incredibly different… and I absolutely love it!!!

I have soooo much to update you guys on!! but where to begin???? Sorry I haven’t written in so long! I’ve been trying to get my new footing and it has left me extremely exhausted in the evenings! Even too exhausted to write!! But I promise! Cross my heart that I will update everyone on all the happiness that now fills my life!!! (and I am happy without a guy!! seriously!… well I wouldn’t mind at all to have a bf… particularly ex-bf back… but whatever I can be happy without a bf because look at me I’m happy now!!)

But anyway! Expect lots of posts in the days to come!!

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Finishing the End to Start the Beginning

SO the semester is almost over… thats why I haven’t posted much… much stress inducingness…

BUT I also have exciting news…

This last week was the last week of classes and this coming week is Finals. One of my finals was due last week, one is due on monday, I have to finish grading essays ASAP, and then I have to proctor my students’ exam on Wednesday.

So I really have a lot to do and yet so little at the same time. A lot because that is a lot of work in one sitting, but so little because I AM ALMOST DONE.

BUT this past week I also had an interview with a firm in my city for a position as executive assistant. I was told about the job on Monday by a recruiting agency (I’ve only been working with them since the week before this one and this was the first job that they thought I would be a great candidate for!), they gave the firm my resume on Tuesday, I was called Thursday for an interview on Friday, had the two interviews on Friday, one in the early morning with the HR personnel and then with my actual boss in the afternoon… and 20 minutes after I had left they called me to offer me the job!!!!!

I am SO uber excited about this. From the moment I walked into the firm, I just knew it was a place that I could fit in and work well. It had a wonderful atmosphere. THe individuals I met were some of the most warming people I had ever met.

I can’t believe that I have a job! And in a wonderful place! I know its going to be the perfect place for me to be while I try to figure out what I want out of life.

We haven’t figured out my exact start date yet, because there is some issue of the exact leave date of the individual I’m replacing… but still I HAVE A JOB!!!

School is basically over… but it isn’t over… I have to finish these last two essays and the grading… yea I could do them poorly because I’m done with academia… but if I ever return to academia even for a short while… your transcripts follow you everywhere… so I don’t want to bomb…. I just want this ending to be finished already!!! I want to start my new beginning!!!!!!


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