hmmm…. interesting start to the New Year

01 Jan


I don’t even have the words….

I had an interesting talk with my mother today about my OCD and how much better I’m doing. We were discussing the reasons why I probably have OCD, and of course we brought up genetics.

My mother is blatantly OCD, but she refuses to see it (it doesn’t affect her life TOO much… I would say its just a mild case), so instead she goes through the family line blaming others. I mean of course if my mother has it and it is genetic in our family other members would have it…. but…. she decided to blame both of my great aunts (one on her side and one on my fathers) who both had server schizophrenia

She said that possibly they just started out OCD and it developed into Schizophrenia. My mom is no doctor. I know this. She knows this. So I shouldn’t take what she said to face value…. but really? what a great way to boost your daughter’s self-esteem on New Years Day… “Oh yea… I bet its your aunts fault from both sides. I bet they were misdiagnosed when young and so it eventually developed into schizophrenia….” Of course she then let the sentence hang, making it sound like I would eventually develop schizophrenia and have to be admitted to a mental institute.

My friends… OCD (which is characterized by the brain NOT HAVING ENOUGH serotonin) and Schizophrenia (which is caused by  TOO MUCH dopamine) are TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT THINGS. It’s possible to have schizophrenia and OCD… but one does not cause the other.

I know this… everyone knows this. But its great to see the confidence a mother has in her daughter’s mental health and capabilities…

There is nothing to do but laugh in this situation. So, yes, please laugh at my tragic life… I assure you I am. lol.

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